Monday, August 26, 2013

1st Grade

Lils woke me at 4am this morning saying she couldn't sleep.  I knew she would be excited for her first day of school, but c'mon!  She declined my suggestion to try and go back to sleep so I told her to lay on her bed quietly for three more hours before bothering me again.

After breakfast, we all walked her out to the bus stop.  Hopefully the other two are this excited to go to school when the time comes!


Doggs and Maytos

We cooked hot dogs on the deck on Saturday.  Had a feeling Erin would be tired after the Tough Mudder.  The girls picked a couple ripe tomatoes and ate them like you would an apple.

Juego de los Piratas!

Had a great time at the Pirates game!  Walk off in the 9th.  Kids did pretty well overall.  It helped that they all got a baseball and Cotton Candy.

Monday, April 8, 2013

"Rocs Fr Sale"

My kids are little entrepreneurs.  Lily had the idea to sell painted rocks for money.  She wants to buy a Kindle or Ipod or something.  Lily made a sign that said "Rocs fr Sale"  "Dollars only."  She sounded it out herself...she spelled Dollars "Dolrs" but she wanted to correct it after she asked me so I helped her with that and "only".  She wanted to sell the big ones for $20 each, but I advised her to bring down the price to $5 for the large, $3 for the medium and $1 for the small.  She did it reluctantly.  As soon as Kena came home from preschool she immediately started going door-to-door trying to sell little candy bars.   She had no fear.  She was mad at me that I wouldn't let her go waaay down the street to sell.  They were also lugging around a cooler full of water bottles and apple juice to you can see from the pictures, it was very hard work.  Our neighbors were so sweet and kind and believe it or not my kids made $21.

Another funny thing...after Kena made her first sale of $1 door-to-door at our next door neighbor, she immediately came back to where Lily was set up on our driveway and used the money she had just made to buy an apple juice box for herself!  LOL. I love that kid.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Power Ranger!

I found this costume at Goodwill yesterday for Z and he didn't want to take it off.  I tried to put him to bed without his mask and he screamed until I gave it to him to take to bed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our life lately.

 Heading out for trick or treating
 Digging into candy
 Our awesome red tree
 Making wooden fire trucks at Home Depot
 School parade
Cute church baby 
 Sister fun
 Running friends
 Cutest pirate fan
 Primanti Bros 
 Double picking
 Watching 3d movies at Sam's club
 Breakfast with old friends
 Eating blueberries
Relaxing at the pool

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus Waffle

This morning I was helping Lily put the toppings on her waffle and she wanted to put the whipped cream on herself.  She instructed me to not put butter and jam in the cross sections because she wanted to reserve that for whipped cream so she could make a "Jesus waffle."  I guess we owe that one to Rainbowland Bible preschool.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Z Walks!...and kicks...and talks on the phone

Aunt Keri taught Z how to walk while we were in DC....and it was high time (18 months old)!  Here is a quick video for our family and friends who haven't seen evidence yet.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


We met up with Auntie Keri in DC this past weekend.  It was amazing to see historic sites like G Dubs home & Old town Alexandria.  We also toured the Capitol, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian, & the Holocaust Museum.  So many sites we were not able to see, fortunately we aren't far to return.  Thanks Keri for the good times!